Braised Beef 11.00

Lean chuck, potatoes, carrots

Vegetable Curry 9.50

Roasted cauliflower, broccoli and sweet potatoes;  chickpeas, greens and Indian-style curry

Steak Bacon and Cheddar 11.00

Braised chuck, sharp cheddar cheese, bacon, and potato

Braised Lamb 11.00

Leg of lamb, potatoes, carrots, onions

Classic Chicken 9.75

Braised chicken, celery, carrots, peas, hint of nutmeg and cream

Braised chicken, roasted cauliflower, greens, Indian-style curry

Roasted Zucchini and Eggplant 9.50

Fresh mozzarella, tomato sauce with fresh oregano (think country ratatouille)

Spicy Pork and Beans 10.50

Slow-cooked pork shoulder with white beans and a bbq-style sauce


Mashed Potatoes and Gravy 3.50

Skaggit potatoes, butter, milk, salt and pepper

Cottage Cheese 2.95

Tomato Soup 6.00

Classic rich tomato soup made in house: roma/plum tomatoes, onion, cream, butter, thyme, fennel seed, garlic, salt, pepper.


We have five handles with a variety of local and washington beers and one cider.

Typically we have Chuckanut, Wander, Kulshan, and many other excellent beers of different styles.